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Founder of SRI Color Reference

SRI was founded in 2010 by Abdulrab Ansari. His hard work and caliber has made SRI the leaders in color reference system. After completing his education from the University of New Delhi in business, Abdulrab joined Sania Rug International in the year 2009 which belongs to his father and realised the importance of colors that are needed in flooring and textile units. This resulted in the making of SRI Color Reference System.

Abdulrab travelled through this wonderful world of colors and produced a collection of 6180 shades divided into different color systems of wool, bamboo, viscose and cotton.

Abdulrab launched series of color ranging from Series A to Series H.

The A series range starts from 600 colors in wool. The B series is made in hard twist wool and the C series is made in using viscose. Both B & C compromises of 300 colors. The D series is made in pastel colors, while the E series is made in contemporary colors. The F series is made in Viscose. The G series is made in contemporary colors. The H series is made in hard twist wool All of the above 5 series consist of 640 colors.

Later, Abdulrab also launched 1500 colors in wool and 280 colors in bamboo to bring in more colors to the industry.

SRI has now been exporting its products to more than 40 countries all over the world. Having its head quarter in India, SRI now also has its showroom in the U.S.A, China, Indonesia.

With color explorations and innovation, SRI has now become a global brand for colour reference.

Abdulrab’s dream of making every home beautiful has finally come to success.